And the winner is……

You, and you , and you too! for getting up and getting out

with us to do the water safety on Sat and Sun on LRH!


it was an impressive race not just for the conditions but for

the level of competition for this event was off the chain!

The 1st place male was 1 hour and 50 min and change

The 1st place female was just over 2 hours… 2 HOURS!

1500 m swim, 40 K in the saddle and 10K on foot….

WOW and just in case you don’t know…Sarah entered

6 events with Lifetime and won all 6 events too,

Wonder why she didn’t enter or win that 7th one???

She was busy in London!


We had the heard or pod or whatever you call a large group of kayaks… both on Sat for the Swim clinic and for the big race on Sunday too.


there are some amazing stories of personal success

but with out the safety team effort we couldn’t feel as good

Thanks to Randy and the USGC for their expert

seamanship and keeping us safe from other motor craft…



We also have the support of Monica and her Life Guards

they work from the water, from a boat, from a jet ski

and from the kayaks too!




These are a few of the 25 plus LG’s we had in support of

that little morning swim… with 1500+ people in the water


We also like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Staci and to

Brad without their support this would have just been a

cold wet morning, but their shining personalities keep us

warm inside while we did battle with the elements outside.


I had a volunteer ask about the weather.. ….

what do we do if the weather is bad, they asked…….

I responded “ there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”

Right Grace?


Hey check out the few pics that were taken, by both Steve and Mike & make plans to join us in 2013 for the next race!


Don’t forget Second Saturday Shoreline Spruceup this Sat

9am to 11am and please please please don’t forget our

2012 KPC food drive

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