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River Legacy Foundation West Fork Clean UP!

October 27, 2012 by mike swope

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE – New Pictures! Thx Wanda!

Thanks to Alma and the River Legacy Foundation,


In Association with the Arlington Parks and Recreation



and Charles Allen,



and of course your close and personal friends from…



Thanks Trenton, Kelvin, Marvin, Todd, Wanda & Parker


We made a clean river!  YEAH!!!!!



We also need to Thank the river rats of west Arlington too,



better known as the paddling volunteers….



They did the hard work and made it happen….



And least I forget, Thanks to those great ground volunteers



that got the trash, out and up the hill, & out of the river….



As for the water part, it was an exciting launch, we only had


2 swimmers, not that bad for that steep slope, we also

Thank  the first young man into the deep for having the

good sense to live to paddle another day!  Well done Sir!



Also of note…. if you don’t see yourself in the pictures below….




you paddled a lot   LOT faster than I did!!!  Thanks to you!!


We awarded Elizabeth the most vigilant person getting trashed as she was cleaning up the ground at the putin..



We awarded Mr. & Mrs. Edger the largest trasher award, enjoy that giant carabineer!



We thought we might have an awards sweep but alas the guys just couldn’t get that extreme tire to stay on the kayak…it only weighed about 250*lbs.…….go figure

(*The tire was only 100lbs, the rest was mud!)



We had some fun along the trip with the john boat too but,

Capitan Mike was very skilled!


Mike could you do that again next year???  PLEASE!!


Anyway, we made the take out and found our newest friends.. 

the support volunteers that got the trash,

watch out world… they young, strong, smart and really

don’t mind getting trashed!


Check out all the photo’s below…



Sadly the tire didn’t make it out….this time!



W h y   j u s t    k a y a k …..

……w h e n   y o u   c a n  KayakPower!

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