LLELA trip report

It was a cool night on Friday, but somehow we made it through to see the best sunrise, you know that one with the fog coming off the river, the sun peeking through the tree, still dark low on the ground but brilliant light high in the sky…

What?   you didn’t see that??  Shame on you!!! but….


your in luck I have a sunrise picture!!!


As for the river part, WOW… that’s all I can say…



It was a super group of folks, young and young at heart…

Check this out below…



What was the standing O for??  

Oreo’s  2 types, it’s a winner every time on the river!



Hey check out all the photos, and if you missed this fun



Check us out in December for the final LLELA 2012!


Keep smiling, and keep paddling….with KayakPower!


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