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Last LLELA of 2012

December 11, 2012 by mike swope

You can be there, This Saturday 10am Paddles Wet!!!


It will be a busy day at LLELA so please follow these

simple steps to insure you arrive on time and have fun*….

1. Say Hi to Virginia at the gate, Tell her your with KPC!

2. Follow the road to the gate turn right in the dirt road.

3. Wade through the trout fisherman, to the water &

4. Picture your self seeing this from the seat of your yak..


If you follow these simple steps………

…………….. you may be over come with




and Joy….


*KayakPower can not be responsible for excess fun, silliness, and acting like a modern adventurer while kayaking….


RSVP Today!  Seats are limited!

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