Fill a kayak with Food

KPC canned food drive a

It worked, thanks to…….

                                    The great mind of this chica


 & the great volunteers of kayak power!


All the good stuff

SO here’s the deal,

we (ahem..) decided to get a kayak and fill it with food



We used the last 4 months of the S4 along with our

kick#$$ social media to beg for food to be donated for

Christmas meals…….


We chose a local charity because we wanted to impact

our little corner of the world to help our people…….


WRCOH food drive 2012

White Rock Center of Hope
10021A Garland Rd.
Dallas, TX  75218




So here is the photo of all the food, THANK YOU!


If you donated Food………..THANK YOU!

If you thought of donating Food……..THANK YOU!

If your going to donate Food next Time ….THANK YOU!


T H A N K   Y O U !

KPC canned food drive

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