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January S4 WRL

January 13, 2013 by mike swope

P1120059 - Copy

We had a little fog to start…


Thanks to Steve for these cool shots of that fog!

P1120065 - Copy


Also Thanks to Nathan for being our 1st





S4 paddler for 2013!

P1120083 - Copy

Your official S4 T shirt is in the mail, wear it proudly!

you earned it!


We did a ground and a water cleanup this month…

You see after a big rain you get a lot of the stuff we

like …up close and easy to get too……





We had to go wrangle a couple of kayaks back in…



Not because of them, but on account of the rain….



It looks like those fog pictures but alas …. it’s 3d fog




But rain or shine we get the trash and have the fun too!



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Second Saturday in February

02   12     2013    

9am   11am   

4100 West Lawther



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