LLELA This Saturday!

Join us at LLELA   9to 10 safety talk

10am paddles wet!   RSVP PLEASE!



Lewisville Intro 2 Kayaking class in association with the

Lewisville Park & Recreation Department

Join us and learn to kayak

   Feb 15th    3pm paddles wet

    Feb 17th    11am paddles wet

 March 15th  3pm paddles wet

March 17th  11am paddles wet

March 17th   3pm paddles wet

April 19th  5pm paddles wet

April 21st  11am paddles wet

April 21st   3 pm paddles wet

May 17th 5pm paddles wet

May 19th 11am paddles wet

May 19th 3pm paddles wet

Click here to register on the Lewisville

Park site,

Yes you have to register with them, its

easy the registration is free and looks like this…

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You MUST register with the park Dept. for this class!

Paddle location is Railroad Park Lewisville Texas

Please & Thanks!

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