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We put our heads together and came up with a plan….

We called Richard and Julie and said Hey Let’s clean up the Elm Fork near this park in Irving Texas and do you know what he said…… He said… 1st Mike I called you… and 2nd.. What a great idea!!!!!!!  So you guessed it   we did

The 1st 2013 Keep Irving Beautiful this year at the park…

We had a few brave souls that said “ha” to the wind and “ha” to the cold and “ha” to the litter bugs too….


So we got geared up, be grabbed a shuttle and we hit the


River……Special Thanks to REI Dallas we used the river

launch area they did as a service project some years back

And it’s still here serving the paddling community for years

to come, Thanks Dallas REI! (psst  972 490 5989 Thank Renee)

Also Thanks to this guy…


The guy on the left, Richard has a vision of what a perfect city is like and that city….. (read in IRVING) has river cleanups & education.



And don’t forget no man is an island, and Richard is Richard thanks to the help of Julie, just like I’ve always said…behind every good man…

Is a Julie!  Smile


Anyway back at the farm, no no no…..back at the river….



You’ll never guess what we found……


Something tells me you guessed right….. TRASH


That’s 100 percent correct, someone’s mamma forget to

NOT spare the rod and all those spoiled child’s…dang..

Actually its the guy at the stop light emptying his ash tray,


the guy blazing down 635 with stuff blowing out the back of

his pickup,


that person who cleans there car at wally world, in addition

to corporate waste from commercial business along the

river , and whoever it is, they all need



Litter is expensive to contain and collect and

it damages the water way, the same water way we

use, please stop think and Don’t Litter!


Despite the serious nature of what we do we did find time

to have some fun alone the way, I mean we were paddling!

Don’t get me wrong some people got into it today…


And I mean really into to it!


I hope he’s easy on his friends this weekend, the ones that talk about the cool movie they went to or the ones that got a great find while out shopping, Come on …….

He was out in the cold morning doing his part to save the planet, one river at a time!



As do all the



Join us in the Fall for the next KIB Event…..


Next cleanup   3/9/2013 Jackson Pt. Whiterock Lake 9am


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Paddle safe paddle happy

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