Whew…we did it…..

We had a busy weekend,

We had swim support for PlayTri on Saturday & a Sunday Tri too!

We had another swim support with Tri Daily and we also

supported a swim race in Las Colinas with Dallas Five 55

You’d think that was enough but we also supported……

  Home Depot with a boat loan for their WRL Cleanup along with

our own S4, and just to top that off..We paddled with our

friends from HATS too!      Like I said…..whew!

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Hats at Lake Whitney

This time it was Dad’s and sons

We had almost perfect weather….. our only drawback

someone took the water……


See were Luke is in that photo…last year that was water

In fact the cove we paddled in last year…it needed mowing



We were still able to find a fit with the Dad’s and the sons!

sometimes you just have to put your heads together……


and figure out how to have some fun!


You can check out all the cool fun photos below!





See you on the water……

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