Intro 2 Kayaking this Saturday & And a help request


That’s correct , the Intro class is this Saturday the 4th

were at Sand Bass point in Grapevine for a 10am start!

Our 6 hours ACA class with all aca certified L2 and up

instructors will make sure you get all the knowledge you

need to be a safe and smart and happy paddler!

You get to return to class anytime to freshen up your skills

you get a free full day rental after the class and

your get the best value in kayaking in North Texas!

Here is a link to sign up

Intro 2 Kayaking

Here is the phone to call to talk with the instructor too

214 642 2709

here is the email you can shoot us questions to, too!


Stop Dreaming & Start Paddling!




We need your help….

If you live in or near Lubbock Texas

your have opening on

May 2,3,4 from 7 to 9am

2 hours  3 days and it’s a paid gig…

you need a kayak and a paddle and a pfd

Get paid to paddle!



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