How much did your trash cost??

Well it was Second Saturday… know…

G1131482 - Copy

The birds were singing……


the flowers were out…….


People were fishing……..


Or Jogging or rowing……..

And we were trashing…..


Taking care of the lake and

preventing shoreline erosion too….


But as fate would have it, luring in the shade

hunting for serious crime and criminals…

was the Dallas Police Department…

Seeing that the assembled group or “gang” was

parking in the no parking area they pounced….




If you got a ticket on Second Saturday volunteering

with KPC and the FTLOTL we need to know, please

contact Mike at and

Please understand we made a serious attempt to

notify everyone at the time however we were given almost

no lead time to get the vehicles moved…. were Sorry!


What we did learn it that at least two (2) of the vehicles tires must be on pavement to be legally parked, we know now and you know now too.

We’ll add a map post the the various media pages and show exactly where by DPD we were told is overflow parking to that lot and general area should be.

We have discussed this with the FTLOTL group and look forward to chatting with DPD DPARD and of course the COD, however we freely acknowledge that we were parked in a NO PARKING ZONE, we would just like to add the that we parked there to help all of the above do something that they asked us to help with and we are glad to do it …..

we’d just like a little teamwork to go our way too.


we still made an impact, we still got trash out of the water and we still had fun with each other too…



 Next clean up

August 10th


9am – 12pm

4100 W Lawther Dr WRL Park

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