Sunday swimming Tri NOW style


yes……just like a Tri the swim prep start early, her you see

a highly trained life guard checking the course before the

kids swim event….P7210090

After the Frankster give them the pre race instructions….



Their off and racing, and yes they were young but they were also    FAST TOO!


ever heard the term it take a village?? we with a long swim

it take a lot of support from your local do right guys too!


here’s a picture of their fast actions saving a swimmer!


this is the head lifeguard Monica leading by example!

and so you say wow that looks like fun, but it more than you think…check out this photo…


This is what you see from a kayak… just another great view of the lake eh?


look closely and you will see 3 swimmers low in the water.

They way we put lots of guards, lots of kayaks and work

with the local support professionals to keep people safe!



This is us “plucking” the buoys after the race has finished.

Just a quick shout out the the City of Little Elm for working with us this year and making us ticket free  YEAH!!!


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stop dreaming and start paddling, with KPC!

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