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September S4 ……still hot

September 14, 2013 by mike swope

but hey ….this is TEXAS!


And we hosted Conrad HS exchange group for the S4


brought to you in part by KayakPower, of course!

Along with litterbugs and the For the love of the lake group.


we had dry teams and wet teams…then they switched

and we hat two (2) wet teams, hey ….it’s kayaking!




We also had some of our meet up and FB peeps show up 2


We like to say were one of the trashier groups on both!


and despite our slacking off and general disregard of work


We did get some trash out of the lake and off the park grounds too!


I know it does not seem like a lot of trash but those darn

trash guy’s under contract for the city came by twice to collect ……

BEFORE this pile of trash was shoot…..

Check em all out below,




and …..if someone asks you

who you kayaked with this Saturday, just tell them

the guys that have been cleaning the lake since 2003, the

same guys who post free photos and make sure you have

bags and gloves and cold water and snacks after your

cleanup paddle, tell them the preeminent paddling

group in North Texas, that’s who!




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