Toyota Tri report …..

O a tale of two tri’s, it seems the Saturday swim support always has a certain …..hum how to say it….challenge to it


slight north wind…

But if the pros want to swim, guess what..the pro’s swim!

             and guess who lets them swim??


you guessed right!

So you go to bed on Saturday with a very low water lake

and it rains all night long and your thinking wow that’s great

we get that needed water and then you look again on



Sunday and you see the lake went up exactly……0 inches


and your like  really   please let the rain come again,

PLEASE we need the water really badly ……..


                    at least it makes a pretty picture!



those were the Oly photos, check out the N2 photos below


I’m not so sure the 8mp camera on the phone I so bad…


Also & just FYI to give you some perspective on the race

We started racing about


with the men pro’s the first man was through with the swim about 22 mins later or about

7:50am  that right…


We actually cheered the last swimmer on course or LSOC

out of the water about

9:28 am

from the sprint course…..

or 1/2 the distance of the pro swim… at that time about 3

of the pros were finished with the bike and the run leg of

the course as well.

                You just thought YOU were fast!


Make you calendar and join us in 2014 for the

Lifetime Toyota Triathlon

at the Harbor on beautiful Lake Ray Hubbard!


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