I was right it was NOT raining….

Thanks to all those fun folks from 2013 that came out and

helped us…… help the lake with the FTLOTL group.




Congrats to Elizabeth too… she braved the slight wind

& overcame a no car morning to paddle and clean with us!



It was very overcast and the water looked a bit funky,

almost as if it were not feeling well…..anyway



We did get some trash and had fun while doing it too…..




Thanks to Mike G for the professional pic’s too….



Did I tell you already that it was a slight wind??


OK so Marv wanted a photo shot to show off and

about the time he got geared up and ready, the wind

picked up a little…not to much but… you could start to

“feel it” a little…..


What wind?


Also belated Thanks to the Clark Cougarettes, in association with the Liedtke family we made a splash at the auction to support the girls!


And just in case you were curious if you and have ever paddled is such a cool place that it almost felt like the heavens were singing to you while you were paddling….

Join Steve and the rest of the choir at Scofield Church

on Abrams Sunday at 11am, I’m telling you

it sounds exactly

like the above!!!!


An least you forget, the final Eco Tour of 2013 is next Saturday along with a Saturday night campout by the river.

We need your RSVP by Thursday night too, don’t miss out on an open fire the stars at night and other fun !!

LLELA  Eco Tour 12.21.13  9am to 3ish

LLELA Campout 12.21.13  5pm till Sunday at 10am.


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