wereeeeeee baaaack…….



And it was a blast, in fact I can’t wait to go next year…

or at least the next year they have water in the river…






83 miles of the best canyon    river run this side of the grand canyon of course




check out river house, it was very cool and historic too…


this was the view from the front porch looking out toward the river and across at another human shelter that was occupied  somewhere in the area of ad 900 to 1200 and its still here!


Just FYI we take a couple of rafts and several kayaks too.

Now back to that water thing…. it seems the Indians have been working in a irrigation project for the last several years and it was launched on April 1st this year, so the farmers can now grow money crops in the desert.

In fact they plan to water some 110,000 acres for 2014

Here’s a quick review of the CFS levels that I have had in the last 3 trips…


2006  3300 CFS Sand Island to Clay Hills

2012    980 CFS San Island to Clay Hills

2014   507 CFS San Island to Clay Hills,

When we visit with some of the people in and around Bluff

they are very concerned that the days of rafting the San Juan are numbered, in fact some are saying unless the upper watershed has a series of record snowfall years in a row, 2014 my be the last……..that’s sad!

This area has some of the best preserved and most cherished rock art and the best way to get to see if is from the river.




After I get the sand out of all the gear I’ll be happy to provide a complete river report including all the hikes and rapids too!


A big Thanks to KJ for fielding the phone when I was tripin!





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