Stonebridge Tri


Yup it was the b**t crack of dawn….

P4130159 wide awake and ready to go…


Back to bed maybe….NOT!

                  we were itching to get on the water!!


    And when we did, guess who decided to join us?

1. Lots of brave Tri athlete’s

2. lots more of mother natures wind


If you guessed 1 or 2…YOU’RE A WINNER!!!



I know the pictures don’t look bad but check this out

the wind data for 4/13/2014 in McKinney was steady at 12

with gust at over 30…that MPH!!


White caps with the tops being blown off…nice…..

but thanks to the hardy soul that is a tri racer and a few

good men…




and women too…


It turned out to be a great race for everyone!

Check out the photos below…


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