HATS with 1/2 the wind

Is it still as …..FUN??


paddle game in the wind..


Y E S  ! ! !

Check out the newest overhead shots too..


A big THANKS to “Party with a Photographer” for the overhead views!

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We had our water fun thanks to the warmer water temps..



We also had a cookie stop on a trip the was about 15min.


the same trip from the last group with the big wind…

                       took over 45 min!


We may have tweaked some Mentors with that long paddle too!


Here is what the wind actually looked like too..


Hats from the air….or should I say …WIND?


But in the end..

we found the perfect way to enjoy some

Daughter & Dad quality kayak time!


Who is KayakPower?


Hats Dad   you guys ROCK!

Hats Daughters…we’ll you know….y’all ROCK IT TOO!




Thanks Kipp & Megan for sharing the fun with US!

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