Swim Across America another huge success

Swim Across America: Making Waves To Fight Cancer


Even with the giant wind and waves that hampered the…

Swimmers, the support crew, the spectators and ???


It started out as a beautiful morning with a great sunrise!


In fact we started a wee bit early to avoid Mr Wind…..



and I know if doesn’t look it from the only two (2) photos

I was able to take at this event…..


But it picked up from a couple of mph to about 13 and

steady the kicker was the direction it was perfectly into

the cove where the race course was and with that long

fetch the rollers were 3 to 5 feet with a sneaker of 10

every now and again mostly while you were not looking…..


I could not release my paddle and shot photo without


swimming too…in fact TC got a little to hot and went for

a cooling dip…TWICE!!!  nevertheless, we were happy to

support the fight against cancer and hope we helped in our

own small way too!


So please make a note to join me next time and perhaps you can hold my kayak while I photo !!


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