Tri Support

As you know we help with water safety on various


The last one we supported was the DISCO Tri in



Valley View on Lake Ray Roberts and one of our fav

Lifeguards was not doing safety…no no no…she was

R A C I N G !!!!!!


Congratulations to Ms. Courtney for her

O U T S T A N D I N G   F I N I S H !!!!

9th in class 150 overall

Courtney Miller

383 25 3 30:59.2 2:04HM 4:38.1 7 1:32:48.1 14.9mph

2:06.9 9 1:10:53.7 11:26/M 3:21:26.1



so if you need your race covered, or racers too, just

give us a ring and we’ll help you get your kayaks ON!!!

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