INTRO to Kayaking Class this Saturday July 5th Grapevine Lake 9am

Join us for the intro2Kayaking Class on Saturday

July 5th at 9am on Grapevine Lake at Sand Bass Point!


In a nut shell you get exposure to the 3 major types of


Recreational     Touring      Whitewater


In addition you get to paddle and experience several

different types of kayaks, and paddles and PFD and

assorted paddling equipment.


You’ll learn strokes from all 3 styles

along with maneuvering sequences that you need

for live water fun, convenience and safety too.


Buts that not all, in addition you get the

rescue and recovery

primer that will replaced the unknown with the skilled!


How do we cram all this into a 9 to 3 class??

We’ll we don’t, in fact each person learns at his or

her own speed, and to that we offer the I2K course

“free return”

as many time as you’d like for a full year.

So stop back in an keep those new skills sharp,

Or just stop by and check out the new gear…


Last but not least…your paid class also give you

a full day’s (up to 8 hours) kayak rental

So you can take those new skills and begin your

Adventure on the water!

Register online or

call 972 971 6329

We keep our classes small

so you get

 personal attention!


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