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U S Open Tri report

October 14, 2014 by mike swope


we staged some of the kayaks up near the hotel…


And a few near the water…..and speaking of water….



Feet MSL

Monday, October 13, 2014
   8:30:00 PM
Level is 9.65 feet
below full pool of 435.50


A historic low would be 10 feet..

.35 more feet and the lake is the lowest

since December 1, 1968….


Yes that’s us dragging kayaks over 100yrds to water!


OK back to the race..


It’s funny the public face of what we do is small and looks

simple but your factor in the Life Guards, the USCG,

The Dallas Fire Dept, the race coordinators

and the complex dance we do with several hundred

swimmers in the water…at the same time,

takes a special team, crossed trained in different safety

disciplines and procedures and cross communication

platforms over water and you start to get the idea.


We get up before the sunrise and most of the time are on the water to greet the sun..


We work as a team & hope for the best but plan for the



and paddle float and ride despite the weather conditions


and do it all so all the races can have a fun and safe race


Thanks to Randy, Mike Fred and all the USCGA

The Dallas Fire Dept and the awesome boat,

Monica, Daniel and all The City of Denton LifeGuards

Staci and all the cool folks of Paytri and of course

Jack and Pacific Sports Too!

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