Aldo and McWorther


by the way I love reflection photos from the water…..


Yes it was overcast and raining, but we still had reasons

To hit the river, sadly the ACE had reason to turn the water



and we had to punt, at least to the Bitten Marsh, but alas..

with the rain the road in was to slick to drive and we were


at strike two, so to speak……

the we hit on out of the park…or we still in the park but

managed to figure out hope to make it a little fun…..

Insert seal launch Steve!



Anyway, we had a fun on the creek, and although it not

long as the EFT its still interesting to paddle, and hike!


This is that rangy area between 121B and the far back of



LLELA and it’s very rugged…


We also found some infamy in the form of a PWC..

You might recall one went airborne over the Espillway back

in the day, well…its still way back there! YIKES


Anyway after we learned about Aldo and copped a squat in his bench design we hit the water again…in fact

we did what we thought would be a good present for the

creek, we cleaned up, and if you know us, we get after

the trash, but I’m please to say we collected ALL the

trash on the creek, check it out…


And check out Aldo Leopold too


Here is a more complete link, he was before our time, but you need to understand he was way ahead in his ideas..

sounds like a man we would have loved to paddle with!


Steve’s Pic’s

KJ’s Pic”s

See you in 2015 on the LLELA Express!

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