Who put the P in the ool?

We did………… but not the way your thinking!


our P is for Pleasure or maybe Purpose or even

Plethora of kayaking skills……..


Last week we worked on our adaptive paddling skills


Rescue and recovery and of course Eskimo Rolling


Some of our students have a perfect 180 roll already!!!

upside down in a kayak 2015

And Remember prices start at just $20

per person per Friday and includes the gear and equipment

or you can get a full blown class in

Rescue/Recovery for $ 80

or our fan favorite

Intro 2 Kayaking for only $ 125

This FRIDAY the 6th from 7pm to 845pm

TI pool, clean clear and heated!

Friday the 20th and Friday the 27th too!


Don’t let your kayaking skills get rusty


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