Braving the weather forecast?

By being in the pool on FRIDAY from 7 to 9pm!


Were doing a little bit of it all, too so join us tonight and

on the last Friday in February the 27th same time & place!

Pay & Play starts at $ 20 bucks!


This weekend is also the 3rd Saturday and that means


so the safety meet and greet is 9am to 9:59am because

at 10am were P A D D L E S  W E T !!!!!!


I’m thinking mother nature is going to remind us it’s

winter too, so please dress for success and hopefully

we will have a great day on the river with friends…..



RSVP Please and we’ll have a kayak waiting for ya!


214 669 1663 call tm or page



Intro to Kayak on Live water starts in March!


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