LLELA Report

this report is actually for the birds….


We did see so much aviary activity it was crazy


We saw……the normal birds including finches, black birds, dove, pigeon, blue jays, sea gulls, and cardinals

in addition we also saw several types of hawks, including red tail, broadwing and maybe a harris too.

We also saw a osprey in fact I think we saw a mated pair!


It’s hard to see but this one has lunch in his or her talons too!

We also did the water birds blue heron, snowy egret and some of course the bittern and a couple of kingfishers too.

We we also graced with a horned owl close to the take out.


but most odd was the mexican blackbirds and the blue herons in the same tree only at different levels…check it out below!


Beside the off the chain birds on this trip we were also

treated to a armadillo too!


We had a good time albeit a little crisp, however a quick hike to the methane plant and we warmed up quickly!

Thanks to WM for recycling too!



Not only that but it also started us on a fossil and skeleton

part of the trip, thanks to Bruce and his keen eyes!


We need help with both of these so if your into this please

help we need your expertise in identifying the animals…


No not these animals!




…. the remains of

these animals…


We know the left is a spinal bone

we stumped on the type of animal and also the

skull has us wondering….


Join us in March for the next


(forensic archeological)


and join the

F U N !!!



Thanks to Steve and KJ for the picture assist too!

Stop dreaming and Start PADDLING…with KPC!

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