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After the clean up Dixon Branch run

January 12, 2016 by mike swope

1st here are a few more photos from Steve of the S4 too.


Thanks Steve, did I mention I have the best Volunteers??

I’m thinking of re titling this blog entry to:

“It pays to Paddle with KPC!”

So Todd asked about a little fun paddle after the S4 and

it took very little to convince me, heck the wind was only 14 mph out of the NORTH, light chop and blowing the tops off the waves, why not??

So after an uneventful open water crossing we hit the creek and did we find the birds!


Who knows their woodpeckers in Texas??



Snowy Egret anyone?


perhaps a Great Blue?


Yes it was not near as windy in the creek…



interesting fungus…


can any one identify this??



pronounced “Sycamore….”

the size is really impressive when you consider the

person holding the leaf has a 8 &3/4 oval head too!



I’m not sure where he found it…


Any ring counters among us?

And speaking of finders keepers..

I found a cool pic of a tree fighting to win the grow battle between the creek water and the sunlight…..


while I was getting some quality leaf time Todd was

working on his new paddle name…


”Cash Money”


As in found cash money in the creek!


The more I know the less I understand some things,

I guess the universal constant is that its all the same,

just totally different.


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