So what were we thinking??


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Yes it was really letting the water run downstream……


So we put in at the pavilion and it was almost……almost

surrounded by water, in fact it was so high….we almost

LLELA course map 11616-1

metadata 11616

had a floatable trail from the pavilion back to the beaver


pond, we were only stopped by a short section that was

really overgrown and thick with briar vines.




We had a good birding day, with the highlight being the

Bald Eagle. This time he let us get to within 30 feet, twice

but despite the closeness we were only able to get this

photo, he refused to overfly us, period.



With so much more area flooded we had to search for our

put in but right as the rain started we figured it out. To bad

we did just paddle on Sunday it was 59 cloud and windless!


Check out the artistic touch of these too!


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