Three Thousand fourty cubic feet per second

Yes we did the Eco Tour on a high speed conveyor of water we call the Elm Fork, and this time THANK YOU to the ACE!


This was as close as we could get because the normal parking was under water, just FYI 3040 CFS is about 1/2 of what was

being released on a few days ago, lots of fun is all I can Say.


High Water Mark 2 2016
High Water Mark 2 2016

Also at this level we were able to paddle up McWorther Creek farther then we ever had about 1/2 mile infact!

High Water Snack Break
High Water Snack Break


I not sure if we all had fun, maybe I should say that a different way…….some of us had more fun than the others…….





It was a little brisk but we got back in the saddle so to speak and everyone was A Okay!

We were not fast enough to photo the bobcat but we did catch the nesting Great Blue in their roost!



Check out all the picture on our new site here….

Hope to see you on the Next Trip

MARCH  , 2016

ECO Tour