Eco Tour de force

What a fab day…a little cool in the shadow of the trees but perfect in the sun!

Just ask Chuck…he will tell you!

And some of the trees can cast a big shadow…BIG SHADOW!!!

Sadly the flood took its toll on several trees including this one that goes bank to bank…BIG tree!

The upper before the RR bridge is still very open…but that 1st group of trees is very sporty (read in paddle like you mean it!!!l ita a drop to the left and the right requires a 90 degree left turn in current!

Needles to say…we had a fun!

Beside a lot of different birds we also were treated to a coyote pacing us for a few hundred yards and in the spirit of you never know what your going to see

Yup…thats not pour off…that’s water coming out from an underground source forming a small waterfall!

Crystal Clear and building and nice mini carve out in the shale!

Just another reason to enjoy the nature and beauty of the Elm Fork!

Hope to see you in December for the final 2016 Eco Tour! Sat Dec  17th!