2017 second Saturday

As we started the yrars 1st cleanup we knew we had some issues confronting us…but just like last year…we find a way to adapt to improvise and to over come!

The trash that is…it was not the way i like to start the yrar…sadly the lake was trashed.

Happilly we deployed both a ground crew

Along with a water surface group too

Being the only AAS group from the FTLOTL group that has multible cleaning strategies and the volunteers to put “our kayaks and boots on time and on target”

We dont just talk trash….we get trashed!

So take this in a little….its overcast high humidity and windy with a air temp of 41 degrees. The wind is blowing from a ling fetch from the northwest and across the water makes it feel colder and wetter too.

We had one young one..Thanks Rider

And we still had 15 hardy soles shoe up

And get the job done….

Please notice the shorts…Jason Rocks!!

if there were not still at least another metric ton of garbage I would say

           Misson Accomplished! 

So if you were feeling cold wet on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside

Check and see if you were one of the hardy folks hanging with KPC!!!!!

Thanks to all our Volunteers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!