Its not called low adventure for a reason!

Its High Adventure. Treks with Dad’s and 

outstanding in her kayak Daughters!!!!

The high adventure…well…its not just the kayaking…its the late April cold front that took us 20 degreea down in temp…

And its not the 15 mph wind ….its those darn 35 mph wind gust that make it

High Adventure

Its starts to sink in (pardon my pun) when we start fitting the kayaks to the kayakers that the reality of yes were kayaking in these conditions and that you realise exactly what the word HAT’s stands for!

In our terms it a yo yo training….simply put we start off nice and spread out…

But mr wind starts doing his thing and we wnd up very quickly looking not so spread out….

But hey …its Saturday…im kayaking with my Dad and or Daughter…so im having tons o fun!

Check out that smile…awesome!

A big shout out to our team mentors along with our steely eyed camp director too!

Both on and off the water!

So check out the pics

You see some Dads can just really ROCkthe pink land or sea!

Check back for the photo links and mostly

From Karen and Grace and Michael and Steve we thank all y”all  for paddling with

       K A Y A K P O W E R . C O M!!!!!!!