Wheeler Branch with our

Hats friends for weekend #2! A big shout out to Jeff Kurt Don and all the Hats mentors too for making it a great event!

Also thanks to mother for being 25 degrees warmer too…no about that wind…can you say “North Sea”…..yup two weeks in a row…hopefully i can get the video working and you can see what we had the pleasure of…..

And before you troll Don this was a photo inbetween the 20 ab crunches…yes you can do the plyometrics workout  from your inflatable kayak!!!

Ultra hi performance racing shell…no problem for Kurt!!

But the real fun was Dad and Daughter time……o yes we got that both off and on

The water!!!

And yes it does look calm but we had paddle to the wind lee side of the lake…..

Trust me the the wind was blowing…but we cought a break..the front hit Glen Rose and the wind aided us back to shore!!!!

Woo Hoo…and once back we started thw wet work…..no not secret govermwnt stuff…learning how to exit a skirted kayak.

Both Dads and Daughters!

You can check out all the great photos and videos at this link too.

From all of us at KPC…..THANKS!!!!