3rd time a charm

Well ……Yes if your hanging with HATs!!!

And we we say hanging…we mean upside down in a kayak learnig the proper wet exit skills necessary to be a complete paddker….

Another wer success story!..and speaking of success.  The theme was balance and

I think we found it this time too….

Way yo girls….the Texas 2 step from kayaks


Ans speaking of  impressive….check out the impressive dayghters and Dads!

And besides the smiling faces and good times…we also had our very own hunger games….we like to call it the kayak relay race….

Its mot just about learning balance and other important kayaking skills….its about teamwork and beating the other guys so bad it makes your double stuff oreos taste even sweeter!!!

*just a note 2nd place gets red velvet oreos too…so no one really loses!!!

Its all about the fun!

Yhanks too to the great me tors and camp director for letting us share the water and the great weather too!

2 words for you to remember….

              HATS ROCKS!!!!!