LLELA report

With the waterflowing at a very nice 338 cfs….it was a fun float for sure!

As you might know….the 1st rapid has changed a lot over the last few months….it’s now a left side only over the drop and thru the trees!

But not to worry even at this cfs…the beach is just fine!

And although the water was not super cold…the overcast keep us dry and no one felt like floating…..that said we did get or feet wet…

And took our goofy group shot…

Oops wrong goofy….

That’s better…..

And of course the live water group shot too…

And just so you know..we launched at 

10:15am and paddled down river till about 2:45pm and we saw no one else

On the river …..that’s right we had the river to just us for a little over 4 hours

Not bad eh!!!!!

So Mark you calendar for the November run Saturday the 18th!

And remember to….