Eco Tour

January report…water was flowing nice at 369 cfs…the ACE were using the two smaller openings to release too

If you look that a lower cfs but it’s comi my out under a lot of pressure!

But we appreciate the ACE for all they do for us and all water users across the country!

We spoke about the water pressure and the smaller of the release tubes…..that brings use to the erosion issue….yes depending on which water outlet is used has a downstream effect….

But with the bad also comes the good! Like Real Good!

And to our suprise and excitement we found no kayak the entire trip!!!

The 1st rapid is starting to change as the slight increase in flow make the trap box almost runnable at least in the whitewater kayaks!

If you skilled up too…like Steve I think he ran it in his touring yak too…but remember ….when in doubt….always scout!!!!

View from the beach and snack time too….

Update photos and videos to follow!