S4 report

So it starts late on a Friday evening….

We get the gear the kayaks and all the cleaning stuff loaded and ready…

And as luck would have it the weather was very pleasant and warm…

Check out the artistic effect of the lights too…really no filter

Then we start the day with a short drive to the lake

All the while looking at the water and the waves and the other folks out for a fun day

We get there and get started setting up and we do a quick weather check…..

Yes that’s about average for the North sea….actually the waves ARE smaller but the wind is biting cold and shows no signs of stopping.

And of note…if you have seen this area before you should notice the missing COD trash can….some brain trust decided to umbolt the can and roll it to the water…all 200lbs of steel….gee thanks. NOT!

I had a very nice runner stop and assist me but it was too heavy for two people…shorty after …..

Elements from a local BSA group showed up..and with 3 adults and a executive manager we got it out of the water and rolled up back in place!!! Thanks ladies and gentleman too!!!

Meanwhile back to the weather…it was excellent conditions for an L4 coastal cert class but we were more concerned with the safety of our volunteers!

So we ask Steve to go check out the next parking area to the south

And guess what. When you put 3000 feet of homes trees hill and elevation between you and the North wind…you get this

Calm water ….less wind and Happy kayakers

Even Lucy and Izzy thought we made the right choice!

We also want to shout out our Thanks to the church too for letting us poach from their trash area….as ours was under a winter weather alert!!!

Some volunteers traveled far to clean

Some did the ground work…quick fyi it was Colder on the gtound than paddling!

And of course we all felt better as one of our super volunteers keep all of us safe from any fire issues too!!!! Hey you never know….

We did not get the most trash ever but when you factor in the feels like temp of 27…the wind speed of 9 and steady from the north…it becomes really clear….



That’s is the church’s haul

That’s the KPC haul

This is the warming area

And this is Reddy

So Thanks to Wes and his lovely wife.. thanks to. .Joanie…and Karen …Thanks to Dan….Peggy………….and to Grace for the yummy food!

Thanks to Marvin ….all our new friends at the church….

And Mostly to the awesome volunteers that braved certain death to make the lake a little cleaner for us all!


We.had so much fun…

After the cleanup…we’re went paddling up white rock creek to celebrate!!!!

That paddle was for the birds!

Until next time!