The Eagle….

Has NOT landed…how you ask do we know this? Simple…we paddled past his house…or in this case a really really large nest

And on the other hand…we did see Mr Beaver…however you wouldn’t believe just how shy these guys are…..pop right out from the lodge and nay a splash as they slip below the waterline…leaving us with a “look there is the B….” and bubbles…

This was an interesting flood paddle weekend…for 5 plus days the water was about 2 feet higher…but we were able to do the campground loop but couldn’t quite make the marsh….

Because that 20 to 24 inches of water is not enough to overflow the east side between the river and the marsh.

We paddle close to the outflow of 2895 cfs…that’s the biggest tube coming out of the dam not full open about 1/2 way open

We also got the group photo very close to the outflow…check it out

We’re always excited to paddle LLELA…flood or not but this inbetween…it was tough!

Area of really pushy current

And almost lake like areas too

And of the birds…getting the easy meal from the large volume of water being released….Great Blues, snowy egrets, King Fishers, cormorants Cardinals, Crows, Red Tail Hawks, Turkey Buzzards, Ducks, Doves and more!

And what a great group too…they were happy hardy and adventurous paddlers!!!

Thanks for paddling with KPC!

At semi flooded LLELA!!!