Water woes

At LLELA with the repairs to the outflow tube.

This is the river

Needless to say were kayhiking and that’s not near as fun as kayaking!!

The bright side of this is we were able to saw a little on that massive cottonwood that makes the box trap on river right.

Despite 2 chain saw a gallon of gas and a gallon of bar oil…

And even with the FRY effect…

That darn tree was not giving up

So here is the plan if the ACE can hit us with some really pushy water were hoping the notch will be enough to make the final break and push the tree to river right and clear some of the channel and clear the box trap!

Please join us in June to see if our southern engineering worked!

Big thanks to Richard for the great idea of getting that tree when the water was gone!

Well mostly gone……