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They say it’s your brithday….

June 17, 2018 by mike swope

Happy Birthday Ladies!!!

We appreciate you hanging with KPC for some EFF…Elm Fork FUN!

And so it starts…

Add some cool clear water and..

There you go…

We had some fun at the number 1 tree rapid..and its almost runable on river right…but better be able to make more than one move to get thru.

Or be paddling a WW kayak!

We also made it to shale beach..

Which at 319 CBS it perfect

Made that short walk to the other end….

And just like magic we washed out troubles…..downstream!

And doing this….

Makes you fill like this…..

Really…I’m not kidding…

So join us in July of you want to go from this…

To this

Check out all the photos ……

eco tour 6 18

Paddle SAFE. Paddle OFTEN!

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