WRBC and KayakPower

Well it was 2nd Saturday and we did this

Which is normal for us on every 2nd Saturday…….however…where we did it might susprise you.

White Rock Boat Club partnered with us this July ( while the COD Van’s tried to horn in too..but NOT!) and we headed to the creek to get some of that massive amount of floating trash.

Despite the short notice of our location swap we had a super turn out.

And least we forget why we volunteer and get out and clean up….

So that next generation can have a clean waterway to enjoy mother nature in!

We even made friends with another S4 group too…out having fun and making the lake a better place too!

Some even figured out how to fill the bags and shuttle the trash!

Check out all the fun and the photos and also check out Steve wildlife shots too…awesome Steve!


Thanks to Robert and all the good folks at the WRBC for sharing your area of the lake with us and of course….to the best volunteers that float on top of it!