Overcast & ….

Slightly moist clean up @ WRL

With our favorite outdoor resource and fun place REI Dallas

Thanks Renee for the way cool swag too…

Yup if you didn’t get out then you missed your towel….and the sad

Part….you also missed these too

What’s better than REI….discount stuff from REI!!!!

O and we got some trash too!

Thanks to our awesome volunteers we got a lot!

Despite the weather….or maybe because of it….we had a strong turnout

Of course the free stuff might have played a role too!

We even teamed up with the pickle guys…true story the are all alumni of RIT and the entire group volunteer all over the USA on today as a part of their give back program…how awesome is that??? TOTALLY!!!

Thanks GUYS!!!!

We also had a new look Ken…no beard…a 1st for us in about 15 years….were secretly buying razor stock!

Thanks to all the volunteers both ground and water and remember to mark your calendar for next month when we join forces with another outdoor partner and see what cool swag they bring!!!