From Flood to river to

Pond and finally to waterfall.

So in case you were not one of the waterfall lucky today paddling with KPC. We did save you a little taste above.

It’s like seeing the eagle today too

You just never know what your going to see….but you always know ots going to be cool to see it.

So anyway back to the 6 ft drop we were goofing on the beaver pond and it was really full. We paddled near the blind launch and heard running water… thing you know BAM!

Is was amazing to see and hear and before you asked…. no we opted to not run it this time as it was really rocky on the bottom.

Here is a map should you want to venture out as see this in person too.

Did I mention the day started out Sunny and nice?

But was overcast at the beaver pond all morning…

And just in case you need that flana and flora fix….

We got ya covered!

Hope to see you next month for the color change paddle too!

3rd Saturday in November

11. 17.2018. 9am safety talk

10am. Paddles wet