Final 2018 LLELA

Updated Photos

new pics

And it was a flood final at that….

A quick pic from Bittern Marsh blind…that was thankfully 2 feet above the flood!

We actually put in at the pavillion and headed south thru the tree and past the beaver lodge

We were treated to a pair of our National Bird the Bald Eagle …

They had a big nest too

And then there was the river…it had a lot of push

Guess so letting out 5050 cfs

After the chocolate and the m&m’s and the hot coco…we decided to head back..

But it was such a nice day…..

We Beaver Ponded too…

And no waterfall today…but what a perfect day to paddle

Thanks to Lisa for helping us with that parking thing too

Your the BEST!

Cool tree reflection angle…

See y’all in 2019!!!