Llela in…

The early spring is lovely!

And while the air and water were still on the cold side… the sun was out and the wind was still…..

Still blowing that is…. but a gentle breeze of 3 to 5 mph from the south…but it was still blowing that cold air.

As you can see it was between a flood and a down river paddle…we got the best of both worlds and just over 8 river miles travel total too!

In case you interested the river cfs was about 2350…

We made it to the marsh

But at this level we had to find away around the boardwalk

Which we renamed to the kayak boardwalk

Of course once we hit the marsh we were snacky so knowing the beach is underwater we used the game blinds to chow down

Protected by the trees from the south wind… it was fantastic

And the clouds were magical

After that brief snack stop we headed back to the flow

And guess who treated us…

Mr. Bald Eagle himself!

How cool is that!

Any way the nesting Great Blues were on their nest too

And with that level of cfs our normal down river stop at the beach…was underwater and actually deeper than my paddle

Hope to see you next month!

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