April S4

Who could have predicted..

Wet cold windy and….fun?

Of course they did…Thanks to C…..W is at the lake every 2nd Sat….and 1st…and 3rd and 4th and sometime 5th Saturday too.

A big Thanks to Darth Vader…o wait..Marvin as the cleaning force is strong in this one!!!….

Marvin is our main man when we are spread to thin and he helps keep us in the game…..way to go Marv!

And Miss E was on station too but because of the weather the kayaking was keep to a mimimum….this time

We appreciate all our volunteers…especially in the rain and the wind and the cold!

Not sure we can count them….be just so you know we accept all volunterrs….including the ducks

Which by the way Marv had in a single file row just before he snapped this photo!

We were with Hats in Glen Rose for Dad’s & Son’s but we will return to WRL in May

May S4 Saturday 11th 9am

See you on the water!