Eco Tour

Hot hot hot river report.

The good news there was

321 cfs river flow….

Water from 60 feet deep is nice and cool too!

Temp measured 76 at the put in…very nice!

It’s still getting used to all the missing shoreline trees from the last flood.

At least the wildlife is still hanging out!

This is the drop….yes I said drop….at the 1st “rapid” past the RR bridge.

You can run it right if you can steer really really well you have to make about 3 moves in the current to go thru without a broach!

As you can see at this level there are a lot of brush piles and solo trees that will make you steer.

But we had the river unto ourselves!

The shale beech was well exposed and made for a nice slow float too!

Did I mention the water was cool clean and clear?

We saw tons of birds and lots of reptiles and some amphibians too but no large mammals…..just their tracks

In fact we hope to see you with us in October for the Eco Tour…who knows

It might still be warm enough to swim them too!

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