2nd Saturday

So it was a beautiful start to the Saturday cool but not to cold…and warming quickly with the sun.

The girls. Lucy…Izzy and Penny got here early for some calm water….

But got quickly surrounded by the girls crew… can you hear the group..awwweee?

After that we figured we wold start getting our duck lined up

We got to trashing…and as luck would have it we had Magic Marvin in support!

We also ran into a new frieand Joe who supported a great cause for veterans …

In fact last year Joe paddle from the top of Maine to the bottom of Key West to raise awareneas and help prevet veteran suicide.

10 months of time and lots of cool stories later I asked him what was the best part…and I quote..

“This paddle for a cause has restored my faith in humanity”

I could not have said it better!

Check out his blog at the uel on the side of his kayak!

We also managed to do some heavy lifting from the ground clean up crew

And also got the Birthday girl good and trashed too!


This is the 1st load that the city took before we were completed

We had young and young a heart help as you can see

Some quality family time

We even had a croc encounter…o my!

This was the 2nd pile we got of trash

And feel free to check out all the photos below while you think about the November clean up too

October pics S4

Paddle Safe Paddle Often