If not for the …

Calendar….you might have thought it was a lovely Sping day!

In fact it was so nice someone or someones… beat us to the punch…

We found their collection of trash before we got unloaded…

If you look close you can see it’s TRUE the early bird (duck) does get the trash!!!!!!

That’s the early morning sun reflecting off the Old Town hull.

You can see the lovely fall color of the waterside foliage.

Jill grabbed 1st honor of getting here mesh trash bag dated with cleanup number 2! I’m sure we will run out of space for dates before we run out of Jill and trash too!

All the ladies love the lake and help and support us in trash collection….heck they are so committed they warm up and stretch before they clean….

Our Volunteers ROCK!

We were even able to support some of the young ones in their trash quest….

Both on the water and with their class work in environmental science.

Hopefully he will get an A in the classroom to match his A on the water!

Did I mention is was a fantastic day?

Izzy was smiling for the camera…

While Lucy was getting her very very close up!

We had help and support from some of our close friends

Who always bring it!

And we were lucky enough to have some new friends too





And a quick update from Wes on Celelia she’s recovering from ankle surgery and hopes to be back at Whiterock Lake and Jaskson Point early in 2020!

God speed that recovery!

Join us for the final 2019 S4 in December on the 14th from 9 am till 12 noon….unless we get another amazing day!