2019 in Cleanups

1st and foremost a Big Thanks to all our awesome volunteers throught 2019!!

These two have helped the planet and cleaned with us for years!

We have lots of success with a simple plan…

Kayak …have Fun…get trash!

This is how you feel doing good for the planet and for yourself too.

Even the trash we collect feels this way too!

And that’s no fluke! LOL!

The amazing amount and diversity of things we find while keeping the lake clean for the fish the birds the amphibians and the other …

lake critters is always susprising….

And were blessed to have responsible adults that bring the family out too because we have to keep the lake and the environmental stewardship going for the next generation!

If you have joined us on any 2nd Sat in 2019 or just picked up litter when you saw it at the lake park…or you made a cash donation to the cause…


From the bottom of our keel!

Hopefully 2020 will find us in a clean lake with a healthier planet and of course lots and lots of

Kayaking too!!!!!!

Merry Christmas to